Managing people in a time of change presents challenges to all organisations.

Natural resistance to change must be managed and overcome, while people should be supported to develop and acquire the new skills necessary to thrive and prosper in the new digital world.

The Grant Thornton People & Change Consulting practice works with clients across the island of Ireland on these issues, as well as on all aspects of how they attract, retain, engage develop, deploy and lead their people.

Our team is made up of partners, directors and managers drawn from a broad spectrum of backgrounds including accountancy, occupational psychology, international business, HR, and operations.

Our services

In the majority of cases, our clients are engaged in fundamental transformations driven either by competitive external forces or change at the top, which is setting a new cultural agenda. These situations present particular challenges for leadership teams who may not have the skills or personalities to adapt to the new situation. We help them acquire the necessary skills and develop strategies to embrace the new culture. The key is to help people change along with the processes and the business.

At an operational level, we are helping clients to deal with the changing nature of distributed work, and all the HR implications that comes with this, including moving between tax jurisdictions, and all of the contractual and taxation implications.

A particular issue facing senior managers in financial institutions is that they are now legally responsible for the decisions made on their watch. This represents a huge skills challenge for affected organisations and executives, and we can support clients with awareness and skill development.

In the past two years, we have helped a large number of clients prepare their people for remote and hybrid working, while making sure that clients have the correct procedures, policies and principles in place to allow for Hybrid and Remote working to be successful in their organisation.

Why Grant Thornton?

We help clients adapt to the changing nature of the workforce. The new generation of digital natives has much different expectations than their forerunners when it comes to careers. They want to learn, develop and grow and want to work for purpose driven organisations. We work with clients to put in place the learning, development and career progression frameworks required to attract and retain the best talent in this rapidly changing world of work.