Over the past number of years, our consulting team has expanded significantly, becoming a key player in supporting leading organisations with their comprehensive enterprise change agendas.

Fundamental to our success is our proficiency in providing cross functional support teams which possess best in class enterprise change expertise along with deep industry knowledge, crucial for addressing the most relevant aspects of our clients' strategic and regulatory change agendas.

Our Services

Our dedicated Transformation Excellence teams work with our clients to cultivate streamlined and proficient operations that align with strategic business objectives and financial targets.

Our Technology Consulting team works closely with business leaders to develop and deliver digital strategies and operating models (enterprise-wide, specific functions or shared services) providing new or enhanced capabilities, while driving efficiency.

Sound economic and strategic analysis is at the core of successful government policy and business strategy. Our dedicated team works with clients to deliver evidence-based strategies, driven by robust and independent analysis.

Why Grant Thornton

We are a key supplier of enterprise change expertise support for various clients across financial services, the public sector, and the healthcare and life sciences landscape.

Our teams are empowered by a best in class enterprise change framework, which draws upon our extensive experience at the forefront of change delivery. This framework is designed to offer tools, solutions, and strategic insights throughout every phase of the enterprise change lifecycle.

We take great pride in our culture and our capacity to forge genuine, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our approach resonates with our clients, and our teams work closely with them to implement complex change and transformation initiatives.

We also work to support our clients in developing their own capabilities and expertise, ensuring they remain self-sufficient long after any change program has been successfully delivered. Please explore our extensive range of services and industry-focused propositions throughout the website. If you would like a more personalised discussion, do not hesitate to get in touch directly with our team, as noted on our contact page.