US tax reform, initiatives at EU and G7 level and ongoing developments driven by the OECD have combined to create a global tax environment that is changing at a faster pace than at any time in history.

We help our clients to navigate this shifting landscape and remain both compliant and appropriately structured across multiple jurisdictions.

We work closely with our colleagues globally to provide a seamless multi-jurisdiction service offering which ensures clients have an appropriate tax structure that mirrors what they are doing operationally – a key consideration in a world where it is no longer possible to separate a company’s tax and operational presences.

Among Ireland’s key attractions for inward investor is its low corporation tax rate, tax credits for Research & Development, a 6.25% corporation tax rate for profits derived from Intellectual Property (IP) such a patents and copyright software (Knowledge Development Box), and relief for the cost of IP brought into Ireland.

Our International Tax Solutions

Transfer Pricing

Our Transfer Pricing team has extensive experience across all industries. They can assist clients in overcoming challenges and deliver sector specific, sustainable solutions.

Real Estate Tax Advisory

The Irish real estate market has experienced considerable change in recent years. This has resulted in the emergence of a number of challenges for investors, but has also brought about significant opportunities. With this in mind, taxation is now more than ever one of the key factors for real estate investors when appraising investments, financing methods and development structuring.

Why Grant Thornton?

We develop close relationships with clients in order to gain a deep understanding of their businesses to ensure they make the right operational decisions. The wrong decision on how a company sells into a new market or establishes a new subsidiary can have major tax implications. We help clients by sharing expertise and insights from our 7,000+ tax professionals around the globe and with over 200 in our tax team in ireland.

EU Direct Tax Policy

Insights into emerging EU direct tax law