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Shona O'Hea
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Create value and thrive in the face of change with a global network that goes beyond for you and your clients.


In today’s global asset management landscape, there is an almost constant onslaught of change and complexity. A turbulent market – caused largely by rocky geopolitical shifts – is made harder to navigate by the increased pressure of regulations, ESG  (Environmental, Social and Governance) concerns, changing business models, cyber threats and digital transformation demands, including adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

To combat such complex change, asset managers need a consolidated approach. You need an agile, global network with the holistic insight, expertise, and advice to ensure you respond to every market trend fast and successfully.

“Navigating this complex and changing environment is challenging for leaders across the industry – they need a network with insight, innovation and flexible business models to craft solutions tailored to their needs". Shona O'Hea, Global Head of Asset Management


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