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Personal Public Service (PPS) number

Jillian O'Sullivan Jillian O'Sullivan

What is your PPS number?

A PPS number is your Personal Public Service number. It is a unique identifier given to you that helps you access social welfare benefits and public services in Ireland. You may need your PPS number to communicate with public bodies, such as the Irish Revenue Commissioners, or persons authorised by those bodies to act on their behalf.

What is the format of PPS number?

A PPS number is always 7 numbers followed by either one or two letters.

How do I find out what my PPS number is?

Your PPS number can be found on tax documents and it is often on correspondence from a social welfare or tax office. It may also be on your payslip.

How to apply - Irish Residents

Residents who have not previously been allocated a PPS number should attend the PPS number allocation centres for the county that they are living in. Evidence of identity and address must be provided. Appointments may be booked online at

How to apply - Non Irish Residents

If you are non-resident, unable to attend because of illness, or working abroad, then personal attendance at one of the network of PPS number allocation centres is not necessary. You can use the Online Enquiry Form to contact Client Identity Services (link below) or telephone 1890 927 999 (If you are calling from outside the Republic of Ireland + 353 71 967 2616) to have the necessary forms sent to you in the post.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity is part of the registration procedure and must be established before a PPS number is allocated. Documents presented may be held for authentication. The following are the prescribed documents to accompany a PPS number application.

Notification of PPS number

Following successful registration, individuals will be advised of their new number through the issue of a letter of notification sent automatically to the address given on the application form within three to five working days.