Slides COVID-19: Financial Reporting – Disclosures for significant judgements
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread around the globe. The virus has taken its toll on not just human life, but businesses and financial
tax and legal July Job Stimulus - main tax measures to support companies
Bernard Doherty discusses the July Job Stimulus.
Private Client Services Private Client webinar slides
See the full slides from our Private Client webinar on 23 September.
Tax and legal Directors Compliance Statement: Are you up to date?
Since the introduction of the increased compliance obligations on directors under the Companies Act 2014, there have been significant changes to both the
Article Accounting in the future
For businesses and professional’s, uncertainty leads to risk, Accountancy as an industry by its very nature, is exceptionally risk averse.
Operational advisory As easy as SOC 1, 2, 3
Read our latest publication on Service Organisation Control Report
Regulations for Pre-emptive recovery planning for (re)insurers
The CBI has now set out, by way of these regulations and guidelines, their expectations for (re)insurance undertakings in preparing their pre-emptive recovery
Tax and legal Stay and Spend Scheme
The ‘Stay and Spend’ scheme allows for individuals to receive up to €125 back on their bills in hotels, restaurants, pubs and in other hospitality businesses,
Tax and legal Reduced rate of interest on outstanding tax debts
As we reported in our bulletin on the July Jobs Stimulus in July, as part of the package of measures, the Government introduced a reduced interest rate of 3%
Webinar Webinar: Debt warehouse scheme and reduced rate of interest on other tax debts
See the slides from our latest webinar Webinar: Debt warehouse scheme and reduced rate of interest on other tax debts.
FinTech - Transforming Money Transfer
The advent and substantial growth of FinTechs as Money Transfer Providers in the Financial Services payments industry has led to the reduction of overall
Tax and legal New income tax measures to help sole traders
New income tax measures to help sole traders respond to the impacts Covid-19 is having on their businesses and cash flow were announced as part of the July