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The Technology industry has always operated ahead of the curve, setting the standards of tomorrow and implementing innovative ideas today. Faced with the emergence of new technologies and licensing models, changing markets, rapidly increasing regulatory oversight, convergence among sectors and global competition, tech companies must transform their business models to keep pace with what’s ahead.

The last few years have been full of change and challenge. A fundamental shift in work practices coupled with significant business transformation agendas and a pace of technology change that is not abating, has made for an often less than perfect balancing act and one that has tested the resilience of every organisation. Moving forward it will be critical that organisations’ arrive at a sustainable business model – operationally, commercially and technologically. Addressing IT risk in the new normal alongside managing sizeable IT transformation agendas and balancing commercial recovery and growth will not be easy.

From strategy to solution, Grant Thornton’s technology industry specialists help guide you to the gateway to growth, profitability and compliance. Whether entering new markets; introducing new business models; scaling and streamlining operations; minimizing risks; managing tax, regulatory and compliance issues; executing transactions; or addressing cybersecurity and privacy, we’re here to help, locally and globally.

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