Industry leader Stephen Tennant

Head of Insurance

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Change, it seems, is the only constant in the world of insurance today.

Climate change, the gig economy, robotics and automation, AI, and continuing regulatory change are just some of the features of the insurance landscape. New opportunities and significant challenges are presented in almost equal measure. First movers may gain significant advantage in the evolving pay as you go insurance market being created by Uber, Deliveroo and other global gig economy players. 

There are also resource implications. Preparations for the introduction of the IFRS 17 financial reporting standard in 2021 will absorb huge amounts of bandwidth just as companies are contending with challenges elsewhere and attempting to develop new lines of business.

Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton’s whole firm approach offers insurance clients attempting to deal with these issues solutions which span the full range of disciplines from IT, through audit and actuarial, to tax. Whether it’s the introduction of assistive technology and robotics to automate existing processes or a project to prepare for the implementation of IFRS 17, clients benefit from the combined expertise of a cross-departmental Grant Thornton team.