At Grant Thornton we understand that our clients in the Healthcare sector operate in increasingly complex and demanding environments with constant pressures to improve access, enhance quality and patient safety, deliver better outcomes, optimise patient experience, and control costs.

The healthcare needs of the Irish population are continually evolving, in line with changing lifestyles and demographics, leading to new healthcare requirements for the future. Occupancy rates in Irish hospitals are some of the highest in Europe, with lengthening waiting times for procedures. To respond effectively to these demands, healthcare delivery in Ireland is undergoing a transition. ​

Grant Thornton have experience in working across major healthcare transformation programmes and projects to deliver change and add value in line with strategic policy and organisational requirements. In the climate of value improvement and value-based healthcare, we support our clients in identifying and realising opportunities to improve economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our dedicated healthcare team have experience delivering programmes at national and local levels across the public and private health sector. Our team possesses a unique blend of clinical and non clinical experience and have a passion for improving the healthcare industry.


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