It is in everyone’s interest for insolvency and recovery processes to be concluded as smoothly and quickly as possible taking into account the full range of issued faced by all of the stakeholders involved.

Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton is Ireland’s leading provider of insolvency and corporate recovery solutions. Our 100 strong team of experts based in offices throughout Ireland is highly experienced in the full range of asset sales from industrial and residential properties through to plant and equipment.

We maintain a network of third party services providers to support all stages of the process from refurbishment through maintenance and on to eventual sale.

This service model enables us to execute the debt recovery process as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Clients receive regular updates on the status of each asset and loan ensuring they remain in control of the process at all times. See our FSA publications.

Partner Nicholas O'Dwyer

Head of Restructuring

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Our services
Member’s Voluntary Liquidation

We bring together a combination of business management, tax, accounting and company law skills to conduct efficient, orderly wind downs and distribution of assets in voluntary liquidations. We have advised many clients on group rationalisations, tax planning and restructuring in Ireland.

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

We can advise on all the necessary steps to place a company into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. We can also act as liquidators. Our team has a recognised track record in winding up companies through this process.

Court Liquidations

We have a proven track record in winding up companies through Court Liquidations on the petition of creditors and of pursuing errant directors both in Ireland and abroad. We have acted for the directors of the company, Revenue Commissioners and unsecured trade creditors on a number of cases.


Receiverships are usually driven by secured creditors to recover debts on loans which are in default. In 90% of these cases the creditor is a bank. In an increasing number of cases, funds which have acquired loans from banks are moving to appoint receivers quite early in the debt recovery process. We have established a reputation for achieving valuations on assets in excess of independent valuations.


We have deep expertise in large complex examinerships where we have established a very strong reputation for assisting troubled companies restructure and successfully resume trading.