Court Liquidation is the liquidation or winding up of a company that is ordered by the Court.

It is generally for one of two reasons, being;

  1. where a creditor initiates the process seeking recovery of a debt owed to them or;
  2. where the company itself petitions the appointment due to difficulties faced (generally it is insolvent) and needs to act quickly to protect its assets and businesses.       

Our insolvency experts offer clarity, guidance and a clear solution and pathway for shareholders, directors, and creditors in times of difficulty to understand the options available and implement workable solutions.

Where a Court Liquidation is the necessary tool, we have acted for all types of stakeholders across all industries to provide efficient and effective outcomes.  

Our Court Liquidation services

Assess the position with our experienced team by your side, providing comprehensive analysis of the options that will drive the process efficiently from start to finish.

Our experts will identify and recover all available assets through a robust process that will maximise returns to stakeholders as efficiently as possible.

We conduct our investigations into the company to report to the stakeholders as to the reasons for failure and also to identify and maximise any recovery options available.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton boasts a proven track record in successfully managing Court Liquidations, offering tailored solutions to ensure the best outcome achievable. 

Our experts have gained invaluable experience from working on some of Ireland’s largest Court Liquidations including Treasury Holdings, Xtra-Vision Ireland Limited, and O’Brien’s Irish Sandwich Bars Limited, Altada Technology Solutions and Modmo Technologies Limited.

Utilising this experience they will guide you through the process from advising on the petition / appointment to the winding up / dissolution of the company.