Credit and lending is a pivot part of business, essential to enable companies the capital to set up, scale and grow.

Unfortunately, businesses can incur difficulties and may either choose not to or be unable to repay that debt. In such circumstances, the secured lender needs a mechanism to recover its debt. Receivership is a tool that facilitates that recovery.  

A secured lender can appoint a receiver to their secured assets whereby the receiver will take control of those assets and undertake a realisation process to realise funds and discharge the associated debt. 

Depending on the type of business and security in place, there are a number of potential options available to secured lenders. Our experts will discuss the options available and set out a comprehensive analysis and recommendation to maximise the recoveries as efficiently as possible.  

Our receivership services

Where fixed and floating security is in place over substantially all of the company, a receiver can take control of and trade the business to seek a sale as a going concern. This can assist in protecting value by maintaining goodwill.

Depending on the security in place, a receiver can be appointed to specific real estate, assets (such and plant and equipment), book debts / loan accounts or shareholdings. Our experts will identify and recover all available assets through a robust process that will maximise returns to stakeholders as efficiently as possible.

We will assess the position with our experienced team by your side, analyse the security and assets and provide a comprehensive analysis of the options and our recommendation and rationale for the proposed course of action that will drive the process efficiently from start to finish to maximise returns.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton boasts a proven track record in successfully managing receivership appointments from single properties / assets to large corporate group trading receiverships.  

Our experts have invaluable experience we have gained from working on some of Ireland’s largest receiverships across all industries;

  • We have acted as receivers for over 10,000 single property appointments over the last 10 years.
  • We have as receivers on a number of high profile trading receivership, such as the Burlington Hotel, Cork International Airport, Drogheda Leisure Centre, amongst others. 
  • We have developed out a number of construction engagements including the development of the Bord Gais Theatre, The Point, the Exo Building and numerous large scale residential property developments throughout Ireland.