Facing insolvency is a challenging ordeal for any company.

SCARP was introduced to provide an affordable restructuring option to directors in the SME sector.  It enables a company to come to a binding arrangement with creditors and right size their balance sheet in as little as 42 days.

Our SCARP experts offer clarity, guidance, and an efficient solution for SME businesses needing a financial restructure to provide them a fresh start and the platform for their business to return to prosperity.

How we can help

Assess the options available to your business with our experienced team by your side, providing comprehensive analysis of the options and support from start to finish.

Our experts will work with your business to prepare a detailed restructuring plan that is realistic and capable of implementation to ensure a successful outcome.

We handle every aspect of the SCARP procedure to allow the business focus on its day-to-day operations to the greatest extent possible while the restructuring process is ongoing.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton boasts a proven track record in successfully managing restructurings using the SCARP process, offering tailored solutions to ensure a positive outcome. We have provided advice to directors, companies, creditors and secured lenders across a wide range of industries.  

Our experts provide invaluable support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring minimal interference whilst the process is ongoing.