Operational Excellence is the seamless execution of business operations, unlocking opportunity for organisations to deliver strategic objectives.

Operational Excellence exists from an organisation to function level. It encompasses People, Process and Technology; ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across all 3 areas. With business operations running seamlessly, it enables an organisation to remain agile, cost effective and gives space to focus on growth activities.

Our Services

Target operating model

Organisations are composed of people, processes and technology and how they relate to each other is how the organisation operates. If they are appropriately aligned the organisation should achieve its strategic objectives. If they are not aligned, there is disharmony and a lack of synchronicity. We provide recommendations as to what is appropriate for people, process and technology elements bearing in mind the organisation’s strategic plan, vision and goals.

Independent organisation or function review

This involves a review and a SWOT analysis of the organisation’s strategic plan. We look at the key pillars of people, processes and technology and how they align with the plan and if they are helping the organisation meet its strategic objectives. This results in the production of a succinct report with a roadmap on what to do now, what to do next and what to do later on.

Process improvements

Every member of the team is Lean Six Sigma certified. We review existing processes and design new ones using a Lean lens to help the client achieve greater efficiency, become more effective and achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Business transformation

This involves the implementation of the findings of the other reviews and brings together their recommendations into a unified action plan.

Why Grant Thornton

Our dedicated Operational Excellence team is comprised of industry and accounting specialists with particular experience in all areas of process improvement including Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

We bring a total client focus to the provision of these services. We bring an independent fresh perspective to the issues faced by an organisation. Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to deal with those issues themselves and make ourselves redundant – that is our goal. Embed continuous improvement culture in the organisation. Make organisations more sustainable. Help them get started on their operational excellence journey and give them the means to complete it by themselves.