David Moran, Tax Manager with Grant Thornton is joined by Peter Vale, Partner and Head of International Tax with Grant Thornton.

In this special episode, David and Peter discuss the upcoming Budget on the 12th of October, including what might be expected and what we would like to see from the government as the pandemic restrictions start to ease.

Key Highlights

David and Peter discuss the following in this month’s episode:

  • What kind of Budget we hope to see and whether the government will adopt a spend our way back to normality approach;
  • The impact of debt warehousing including the unexpected impact it has on certain company directors and can we go further with this relief;
  • Whether CGT and CAT rates should drop to encourage individuals to transfer assets and in turn increase the yield from these tax heads;
  • Increasing the tax free CAT thresholds in line with inflation and the increase in property prices;
  • Reaction to Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 proposals and whether Ireland should move to a territorial regime;
  • Potential reliefs to SME’s including the streamlining of the Research and Development Tax Credit;
  • VAT rate for the hospitality sector and VAT recoverability on the use of Battery Electric Vehicles and more.

Grant Thornton will be live on Newstalk on the 12th of October, where we will be providing comments on the Budget as it is announced.

Grant Thornton will also be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday the 13th of October to discuss the main elements of the Budget. Book your place now on our website as registration closes on the 12th of October.

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