Alan Gourley
Partner – Tax

Alan Gourley


Alan is a Partner in our tax team and has over 25 years’ experience working in practice, industry and the public sector. He has a focus on advising High Net Worth Individuals (“HNWIs”) and family businesses in respect of income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and all aspects of succession planning. Alan has worked on some of the largest business disposals in Northern Ireland and has worked with clients from the stage of planning for a sale, right through to managing wealth succession issues to ensure that the wealth transfers down the generations in a practical and tax-efficient manner.

Sector experience

Some of the assignments and projects that Alan has worked on in recent years include:

  • working with a HNWI selling shares in a trading business to manage the tax issues with the disposal and a subsequent reinvestment in a new business;
  • working with a family to restructure trusts to clarify the ownership of assets and enable each family to pursue its own investment strategy;
  • working with a family to establish and expand the use of a bespoke investment vehicle for the family wealth. The main driver was to enable the funds to be invested collectively to benefit from a focus on investment management performance and economies of scale; and
  • incorporating a large property partnership business to facilitate a refinancing of the partnership debt to remove any personal recourse and enable the tax-efficient planned disposal of some of the properties.
  • Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor
  • Chairman of the Northern Ireland Tax Committee of Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • Represents Chartered Accountants Ireland on the HMRC External Stakeholder Forum for Wealthy individuals
Alan Gourley
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Partner – Tax
Alan Gourley
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