Financial planning is becoming an increasingly complex undertaking. Individuals not only have to ensure they are meeting immediate financial needs but plan ahead for the medium and long term in a tax efficient manner.

Regulated by both the Central Bank of Ireland and Chartered Accountants Ireland, Grant Thornton Financial Counselling (GTFC) comprises a team of highly qualified professionals who offer financial advice to individuals and corporates across a range of areas including savings, investments, pension planning, and inheritance and succession planning.

Our approach is to place the individual and their needs at the centre of the process. That process involves intensive engagement through a number of face to face meetings which establish the individual’s current financial position, their needs, their wants, their appetite for risk, and their ambitions for the future.

Three step process

Life planning

  1. Where are you now and how did you get to this point?
  2. What are your long term goals?
  3. What is your investment experience?
  4. What is your new primary objective?

Financial Planning

  1. Are you saving enough?
  2. When can you retire?
  3. Can you meet your goals?
  4. Will your family be ok in the event of your death?
  5. Are you taking to much/little investment risk?

Financial Advice

  1. Pension advice;
  2. Investment advice;
  3. Protection advice; and
  4. Product implementation, where relvant to the plan.

Our services

Why Grant Thornton

Our process involves preparing a projected cash flow statement for the future, up to age 100. This enables the sppedy identification of shortfalls and risks and llows for the preparation of a detailed financial plan to address them.

That plan takes into account current income and expenditure, anticipated future liabilities and sources of income, savings, investments and other assets and will include measures to close gaps, strategies for tax efficiently passing wealth to the next generation, optimisation of pension funds whilst remaining within funding thresholds and investment recommendations.

Identifying your needs

  1. Dont have enough: Focus on additional wealth creation
  2. Have just enough: Focus on managing wealth appropriately
  3. Have too much: Focus on increased spending an inheritance planning.