People are critical for the successful operation of any business, however they can also be the biggest challenge.

Attracting and retaining key talent, managing employment costs and ensuring compliance with complex tax rules presents one of the most serious challenges today for many businesses. Workforces are also becoming increasingly mobile which brings with it the challenges of complying with very specific international tax and social security rules. You need to ensure that your business complies with increasingly complex tax legislation and can adapt to updated Revenue guidance in a cost-effective way and we are here to help.

Our approach is to take the time to learn about your challenges. From there, we can provide pragmatic, realistic solutions for your people, pay and rewards.

Our services

We offer a wide range of solutions to support your business including; 

Employment tax services

Employers face the growing challenges of adapting to new legislation and identifying tax risks in the business. This is crucial now more than ever following the introduction of Real Time Reporting (RTR) under Revenue’s PAYE modernisation regime on 1 January 2019. Employers are now required to accurately report employee remuneration and PAYE data on a REAL TIME basis and Revenue have the power to apply penalties for non-compliance.

In an environment of increased Revenue audit activity, and with the introduction of RTR, the level of Revenue’s oversight will increase resulting in the likelihood of faster and more regular compliance interventions by Revenue, it is therefore important for employers to ensure they are complying with their PAYE/PRSI obligations.

We offer a wide range of services to help identify employment tax risks in your business and identify areas where you are paying too much tax including:

  • employer compliance obligations
  • employment tax health checks to ensure your compliance
  • expense and benefits procedure reviews to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness
  • helping you create a flexible benefits scheme to meet the changing needs of your workforce. Employee benefits packages should support your business by attracting, motivating and retaining the right talent, and reinforcing your culture.
  • recommending innovative solutions for employee benefit packages – employees who appreciate their benefits are more motivated, productive and loyal
Global Mobility Services

The pace of globalisation combined with global volatility means that employee mobility pays an increasing role in business strategy and talent development.

Regulations covering tax and social security vary across the world, which means that all international mobile employees and their employers need to meet very specific and complex tax and social security rules.

Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of mobility professionals, we will work with you to deliver insightful solutions that delivers tax efficiencies, is globally compliant and avoids costly problems for employees assigned overseas. We pride ourselves in adopting a relationship-led approach which gives you direct access to our most senior advisors.

We offer a wide range of global mobility services to support both companies and individuals.

See our Global Mobility Service offering here

Share Schemes and Equity Reward

Shares schemes can assist with attracting, motivating and retaining employees and are a great means of aligning their goals with the company’s objectives. Research shows that companies who reward employees with shares are more productive and profitable as when employees understand the part they play in the company's success, they work harder to increase the value of the capital they hold in the business.

Many share schemes qualify for favourable tax treatment which can provide tax savings for both employees and employers. With the right arrangement, shares can be affordable for employees. This means that cash, which would otherwise be tied up in higher salaries and bonuses, can be made available to the business.

Find out more about our Equity Reward services.

Workforce restructuring

During the cycle of all businesses whether during growth or becoming more competitive in today’s changing world, organisations continue to face challenges to improve their productivity, reduce costs and streamline the workforce.  This can come about from mergers, acquisitions or necessary restructuring in order to survive.

Our team of professionals who specialise in the areas of employment taxes, pensions, reward, and coaching support can help you to share your business for the future while ensuring your staff’s wellbeing is also central.

We can assist with:

  • designing a severance programme that maximises tax efficiency, while also interlinking with you budgetary requirements.
  • change management, including developing and implementing a programme that will ensure your staff are assisted with this life changing event, where they receive the right level of support and information.
  • conducting pension scheme cleansing exercises to r review existing pension scheme and ensure that any benefits are maximised for staff and they have an understanding of their financial position.
  • Stakeholder communication and engagement.

Find out more about our workforce restructuring service here.

Corporate Pensions

Corporate pension schemes should be fully compliant and aligned to company objectives. The ever changing pension landscape means that both employers and trustees of corporate pension schemes face many on-going challenges. We offer a free “fit for purpose” review which scrutinises and reports on all aspects of your corporate pension scheme.

Payroll Services

Payroll in-house can be complicated and time consuming. There can be a lot of worry and uncertainty regarding security, confidentiality, and compliance issues. Our team becomes your dedicated payroll department whose primary objective is processing your payroll in the most cost effective and compliant manner.

Find out more about our payroll services.

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