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Corporate Finance

Ten point guide to selling your business

Michael Neary Michael Neary

If you are considering selling your business, our ten-point guide will help you get the best deal. Our corporate finance team have completed a wide range of business sales in several industry sectors, including a number of high profile transactions which have involved many of the issues owner managers face when selling their business.

The level of economic growth over the last decade and the lower interest rate environment has increased the number of opportunities for owner managers to realise their years of hard work.

However, there are many aspects to selling a business including getting the maximum price possible, negotiating with buyers, keeping discussions confidential and keeping business disturbance to a minimum.

If you are considering selling your business but don’t know how much it is worth, the simple answer, according to Michael Neary, Corporate Finance Partner with Grant Thornton, is that the business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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