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Global Mobility Services

Payzaar - A single global platform for all your Global Reporting needs

Payzaar is designed to be your single point of interaction with our team globally. Payzaar can work with ANY local payroll solution and provides dynamic and direct access to expert in country payroll processing teams from our Grant Thornton Global network.

How Grant Thornton use Payzaar to benefit Clients

By providing a single payroll reporting platform that can support payroll data from a variety of different payroll processing software’s, we can offer a solution to the client that captures all their global payroll activity in one place. This means there is standard processes across the relevant client’s global network.

The global payroll solutions team maintain the Payzaar platform for each of our clients, ensuring workflows are being set up, user access changes are actioned in a timely fashion, payroll elements are mapped to the correct reporting field and KPIs are tracked, among other responsibilities.

Payzaar can also be used to create general ledger journal entries that can be customised to integrate with the client’s finance system, such as Workday Financials, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Navision

The key functions of the system are as per the below:

  • Payroll workflow management and dashboard;
  • Roles based access rights;
  • KPI tracking;
  • Secure, GDPR compliant file sharing and issue tracking;
  • Consolidated reporting across global entities;
  • Aggregate data based on how you want to view it;
  • Provide secure access to users to view reporting based on permissions; and
  • Export data to use in other analytics tools as needed.

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