Organisations now accept that they must exist in a constant state of innovation and change if they are to continue to thrive and grow.

However, despite the increasing level of investment in change programmes, a large number fail to deliver. This is often caused by the absence of a coordinated strategic approach to the planning and delivery of projects.

Our Services

We help our clients bring innovation from concept to reality in a safe and measured way.  

We do this through the use of proven best practice approaches in portfolio, programme and project management.

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Portfolio Management involves choosing the right projects to invest in and using appropriate governance and processes to assess continual alignment of this investment to an organisation’s strategy.

Programme and Project Management ensures that a structured and transparent approach is taken to planning, monitoring and delivering change and benefits for the organisation.

Every project and programme is different and our highly experienced team take a personal approach to understanding our individual clients’ needs.  Options such as agile and design thinking can be assessed along with traditional waterfall approaches.  We tailor our solutions to align to the organisation and its culture. 

Why Grant Thornton

Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management team has extensive experience in innovation and change management and we support our clients with the successful delivery of their programmes and projects using best practice methodologies.

We have experience working with both private and public sector clients across all sectors including:

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