Change is no longer an option for organisations in an era of disruption where the world’s largest accommodation provider doesn’t own a single property. Change and ongoing transformation are fundamental requirements for success in the 21st century.

The Grant Thornton Change Management team is made up of organisational and people management experts with a wide breadth of experience across the public and private sectors with particular expertise in managing transformation programmes for large organisations.

The team assists clients in a number of key areas including:

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Business Consulting

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Talent management

Attracting the right talent and upskilling and developing people to retain them.

The skills challenge

Upskilling and developing the existing workforce. Designing learning and development strategies which provide the right training at the right time, in the right place for the individual.

Performance management

Helping organisations to measure performance and have the right conversations with employees in relation to it. Equipping managers and leaders with the skills to hold people to account for their performance.


The wrong culture can create a lack of trust between employees and the leadership. A new CEO may wish to change to a healthier culture but they need to understand the existing culture and accept that people will be naturally resistant to change. Being authoritarian or dictatorial does not work. We assist organisations embarking on culture change programmes to engage with employees and listen to their concerns in order to develop strategies to address them.

Transformational Change

The team also assists clients with transformational change. We work as a transformational change partner assisting with stakeholder management and engagement and helping the organisation lead, develop and sustain the required new behaviours and working practices. We develop strategies and programmes which get people involved in the new ideas, build trust and allows people to challenge proposals and be involved in the change from the very beginning.

Why Grant Thornton

Some organisations come up with excellent plans but then fail to communicate them properly to staff. This creates a sense of secrecy and elitism leading to mistrust. We take a people centred change approach with clients and focus on the user experience. The litmus test of success is where the organisation can articulate the impact of the change for individual employees.

Our approach is based on open and transparent communications with everyone moving forward together. We don’t favour one methodology or process over another, instead we look for the most practical and efficient solution in each case.

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