Like many decision makers today, you are probably being continually challenged to cut costs, increase revenue, improve financial performance and achieve project and strategic goals.

Our business consulting unit supports you in this process, is very responsive and delivers results quickly. You can have total confidence in our capability to get the job done. You can also enjoy a refreshing approach that has collaboration at its heart, which means you are 100% assured of involvement throughout the process, with no surprises and where decisions are fully aligned with your needs. 

Partner Elaine Daly

Business Consulting

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Why choose Grant Thornton?

Fast turnarounds, lower partner to staff ratio than most and superior results delivered on a range of services:

  • project and change managementsupporting your organisation to manage risk or resistance associated with discrete projects and the implementation of strategic change;
  • performance improvement - business structure reviews, improved business process efficiencies with a human resource overlay to ensure the right balance of skills with strategic needs and objectives;
  • strategic planning - identifying and implementing a vision for the future direction of the organisation through understanding stakeholder expectations and preferences, and evaluating the strategic options based on these preferences;
  • independent reviews - evaluation of investment projects, or new product or service ideas through feasibility studies, and cost-benefit analysis. Business planning to guide the implementation; and
  • performance management - identifying the right measures to track performance and evaluate activities to ensure goals are reached. Setting performance targets and systems to ensure they are kept under continual review.

Whatever your business needs, we can help you to move forward and identify and implement major transformations efficiently and effortlessly. Talk to us about services offered to key private sector and public sector clients, and how we can support you in progressing and improving your business.