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Financial Services Advisory

Prudential Risk

Prudential regulation continues to drive the strategic agenda for banks and investment firms. Understanding the parameters of regulatory change and meeting the ever expanding set of obligations is an issue for banks and investment firms. New rules and reporting requirements can come from global, regional and national policy setting bodies.

At Grant Thornton, our Prudential Risk team within Financial Services Advisory can support you with these challenges. Our experienced team work closely with your finance compliance and risk teams to ensure that your supervisory engagement is of the requisite quality.

We are immersed in the financial services regulatory environment. Our dedicated Prudential Risk team consists of fifteen experienced professionals with backgrounds including former regulators, experienced practitioners and seasoned consultants. Our team are uniquely suited to assisting you with any interactions with regulatory authorities, building solutions or enhancements to meet new regulatory requirements whilst ensuring demonstrable improvements to provide assurance to the regulatory authorities.

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