Irish Business Voice Report 2022

Aengus Burns
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The Irish Business Voice Report amplifies the issues and opportunities facing Irish businesses of all sizes.

Irish businesses play a vital role in providing employment, contributing to economic recovery and ensuring sustainable regional development. These businesses form the backbone of many regional communities and make significant contributions to local economies.

The Grant Thornton Irish Business Voice Report provides a platform for Irish businesses to share their experiences over the last 12 months, while contemplating what is in store for the next 12 months. As such, this report helps to identify and amplify areas of opportunity and potential challenges facing businesses.

A comprehensive questionnaire survey was distributed to a targeted, representative section of the business community. Detailed responses were then submitted from small, medium and large businesses geographically dispersed around the country. While there are some unique and insightful findings, there are also significant commonalities in the responses from businesses.

Creating a collective voice for Irish businesses to discuss the current business landscape is just a starting point. The next step is to formulate action-focused responses to tackle challenges and opportunities alike. These responses will take a myriad of shapes, some will come in the form of targeted supports from Government and business organisations, while others may require potential engagement with different business units within Grant Thornton.

This report presents the results of this survey under the following key findings:

  • Inflation;
  • Recruitment and retention;
  • Generating new business; and
  • Supply chain issues.

Grant Thornton hopes that this report will provide a broad insight into the current business landscape in Ireland, and look forward to future engagement with the business community on the findings of the report.


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