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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in senior leadership teams

Sasha Kerins Sasha Kerins

Grant Thornton diversity focused research across ethnicity, gender and age indicate only 14% of businesses globally are taking action despite the research indicating this creates competitive business advantage. Businesses can only make impactful changes if they value diversity and have plans in place to support it. So, what is holding back progress?

Businesses that seek to broaden their perspective by bringing a diverse range of voices to the table are more self-aware, more market-aware and more broad-minded. These qualities hold the key to success in a globalised and largely unpredictable world. At a time when digitisation is changing the business landscape fast, inclusive decision-making teams will be better equipped for success if they are drawn from a range of backgrounds and contexts.

Our Women in Business research, now in its 13th year, provides a powerful benchmark on the participation of women in leadership teams and an understanding of how gender diverse teams out perform their single-sex peers. We will be publishing our 2018 Women in Business report, on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018.