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Contract risk and assurance

Brendan P. Foster Brendan P. Foster

Contract execution and the performance you receive from your service providers can have a significant impact on costs, operational delivery and your ability to realise opportunities and strategic objectives.

Outsourcing elements of business processes often results in significant costs and operational activities being managed by third parties.

Examples of such arrangements include:

  • construction contracts;
  • project management of subcontractors;
  • facilities management;
  • outsourcing of manufacturing and operations;
  • use of joint ventures to share risk; and
  • partnering arrangements in new markets.

Where reliance is placed on third parties to deliver the key services and control costs, there should be assurance that these aspects are being effectively managed and that improvements are realised.

At Grant Thornton, our contract risk and assurance service provides you with assurance and drives improved performance from your third party relationships.

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