Advanced Training Plan (Break 18 minutes)

Duration: 6 Weeks

Start on Monday 25th July for GT5K Cork

Start on Monday 1st August for GT5K Galway

Start on Monday 22nd August for GT5K Docklands

A summary of each week of the training plan will be posted on the GT5K Facebook Page as a reminder.

Advanced Training Plan (Break 18 minutes)

This training plan is for the 5k runner aiming to break 18 minutes. The focus is on speed endurance. This training plan requires a significant base level fitness.

Any session that includes fast running should also include a 10-minute warm up with dynamic stretching and a 10- minute cool down with static stretching.

The sessions don't have to be done on the days suggested - they should fit in and around the rest of your life but try to keep to the formula of having an easy day or a day of rest after the faster sessions. Recovery is a very important part of training. Likewise, if you are feeling tired on a day where a fast session is scheduled, save it for another day and have a day off or an easy run. It is important to listen to your body. It will tell you when you need recovery. An elevated resting heart rate is also an indication that you need to rest as there is a possibility that you are fighting  off a bug or virus. Don't run if you are ill or run down. You shouldn't try to make up for lost time either. If you have to miss sessions it is probably best to get back onto the schedule where you left off and change your target race.

Advanced training plan (table) updated.png

R = Rest

E = Easy pace

F = Faster than race pace. Recoveries in repetitions should be for the same amount of time as the previous effort.

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