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People and Change Consulting

People and Change Consulting - Change management

Imelda Rey Imelda Rey

Change is ongoing, rapid and necessary. Everyone is affected by change, whether it be imposed or elected. To thrive, organisations need to develop the capability to handle unexpected change as well as being able to deal with longer term strategic change. Proactive planning, building engagement, truly understanding the impact of change on different stakeholder groups and having the right structures in place, these are all key factors in supporting the successful implementation of change in an organisation.

At Grant Thornton, our change management specialists help our clients to understand the impact that change will have on their organisation, completing change impact assessments to clearly establish and document who will be affected by the change and the degree to which they will be impacted.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • develop change strategies that build commitment, not just compliance;
  • define the impact change has on their organisation, their people and stakeholders;
  • develop a clear picture of what is required to implement the change successfully;
  • produce a time line from the ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’ and the steps required to achieve the desired outcome;
  • enable a smooth transition when change is implemented, minimising disruption on performance as stakeholders will be change ready;
  • employ a people centric approach to change, proven to help clients embed positive sustainable change;
  • align leadership and the organisation with the organisational vision and strategy; and
  • drive cultural change.

Growth is rarely achieved when the status quo is accepted. Organisations need to not only expect change but to embrace it. Change is feared by some, so to successfully implement and embed sustainable change in an organisation – people need to be fully supported and to be placed at the centre of the change effort.