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Global Mobility Services

Equus Software

Grant Thornton provides a technology-enabled offering for global mobility via Equus Software LLC’s exclusive configuration of the AssignmentPro platform. The software can help human-resources and global mobility executives better manage the regulatory, tax and compliance issues that come with a mobile workforce.

The technology provides clients with real-time analytics covering the tax impacts of global workforces, especially as they relate to program spend and cost. It also provides the connectivity, oversight and analysis companies need to better manage their globally mobility workforce and includes the following functions:

  • Employee management: A standalone app-enabled platform for assignees to manage their taxes directly with Grant Thornton. The portal includes a dashboard of annual compliance requirements, file sharing functionality, online tax organizers and a travel calendar.
  • End-to-end mobility tax-management suite: The suite provides insights and customized dashboards, tracking, and reporting into all tax service offerings and compensation considerations, including trailing equity and bonus income – as well as tax equalization costs and recoveries, tax services and spend analytics. Clients can leverage data in the platform for analytics into their mobility program, empowering mobility executives in their critical role as a partner to the business.
  • Fully integrated mobility HRIS: Grant Thornton’s configuration allows integration as a ‘plug and play’ offering for organizations that already use the Equus AssignmentPro platform to manage their mobility program. They will have the benefits of their existing control and insights into the mobility tax aspects of their program alongside extensive tax tracking and reporting capabilities from Grant Thornton. Clients can configure the platform to operate as a separate tax module with simple click-through access or by integrating reporting, analytics widgets and broader functionality.

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