Whilst only a year since the implementation of GDPR, research shows it has lost its importance on the leadership agendas. This is despite Data protection being a significant risk, leading to reputational and financial damage. In the Asset management industry, where there are numerous competing compliance demands, such as AML and Beneficial Owner Registers, these risks are accentuated.


  • Welcome - Stephen Tennant, Partner | Financial Services
  • Key data protection challenges (including UBO and AML) - Mike Harris, Partner | IT Security
  • Data Protection as a Service - Shane Carrick, Director | Privacy Lead

Grant Thornton specialise in the practical application of data protection legislation to bespoke organisational contexts.

Join us for an asset management focused data protection breakfast to explore our innovative and cost effective ways to reduce your data protection risk. Grant Thornton’s Data Protection as a Service is a market leading solution developed in collaboration with our European member firms and is based on first-hand experience dealing with the local data protection regulator. We can use all this experience to:

  • be your DPO or act as a DPO
  • support your data protection programmes
  • deploy proprietary assets, tools and accelerators supported by highly qualified subject matter experts
  • interpret and apply the latest thinking of the DPC and Privacy industry
  • position you for future data protection laws and regulations such as ePrivacy regulation, adequacy decisions, , EDPB guidance and many more.
  • develop your data protection champions / teams
  • minimise impact on the business

With ever increasing regulatory, investor and manager scrutiny on Data Processing capabilities; demonstrable strength in this area will be a differentiator for your firm.

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