Conor Wallace tells us about his experience working with clients.

During my time with Grant Thornton, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients helping to solve a number of very different and challenging problems. As part of Advisory’s Digital Transformation team, we work with clients in industries including Public Sector, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health Care, Real Estate and Transport. Almost every industry in today’s market has some technology at its core, meaning the scope of clients that require our advice and assistance on how to improve their business using technology is endless.

At Grant Thornton, each new industry and client provides a fresh set of challenges and obstacles for us to apply our technical knowledge and experience. The most enjoyable part of consulting is the continuous changing nature of the role depending on the industry, client and deliverable. I have had the opportunity to work with C-Suite executives, who have opened the door to provide us access to their business. The wealth of knowledge you gain by meeting with and talking to highly skilled business owners and staff on a regular basis makes the job highly rewarding and enjoyable. The different challenges each client brings means that thinking on your feet to adjust and tweak your methodologies, knowledge and advice is vitally important but is also one the most interesting parts of the role.