What are professional services?

Professional services firms differ from other businesses in that we don’t produce goods; we produce ideas and solutions. When organisations encounter a problem requiring external advice, skills or expertise, they call Grant Thornton to deliver a customised, knowledge-based solution. In other words, we use the knowledge and experience of our people to help other organisations thrive.

What does that mean for you and your career?

As a member of the Grant Thornton community, you’ll be building the future - not a product. People—and their ideas—are our greatest asset, and you’ll work alongside some of the most respected subject-matter experts in the world as they develop fresh solutions for various clients with wide-ranging challenges. You’ll receive hands-on coaching and training from the most effective professionals in the market, and you’ll acquire valuable knowledge from talented individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives.

Why Grant Thornton


Who we're looking for

We offer more to clients than audit services and tax advice, so we’re not just looking for graduates with a business background. We hire graduates from various disciplines, including computer science, STEM majors, accountancy and more. Our holistic approach enables us to add value beyond financial advice.

We're looking for creative thinkers with fresh ideas and traditionalists who dream big. Our goal is to inspire you to flourish professionally while embracing who you are personally. You provide the ambition; we’ll provide the experience.