David Lynch, Audit Partner, discusses his journey and how it led from him progressing from graduate to Partner at Grant Thornton.

In 2006, while Justin Timberlake and Rihanna were riding high in the charts, I joined Grant Thornton as a fresh faced trainee through the graduate programme. Never did I dream that 10 years after I qualified I would become a partner in the firm!

As I progressed through the ranks from senior to manager, then to director and now to partner, I often was asked, “Why didn’t you explore other firms and industries”? My answer to this is always quite simple; I love the firm and the people I work with! I have great mentors who have become great friends. I am constantly challenged in a fast paced and dynamic environment while working with large international marquee clients and no two days are the same. Grant Thornton lives and breathes it values every day, it champions excellence and celebrates success. What more would I want?!

If I had some advice for anyone wishing to join Grant Thornton, it would be:

1. Stay true to yourself, know what’s important to you, know and own your values;

2. Think positively and be proactively. Come to work every day with a solution driven mind-set; and

3. Opportunities are endless across all services line within our firm. Embrace these opportunities, keep pushing forward and have belief in your own abilities.