Payroll in-house can be complicated and time consuming. There can be a lot of worry and uncertainty regarding security, confidentiality, and compliance issues.

Avoid having to keep up with the constant changes in the taxation system to focus on growing your business instead?

  1. We handle all aspects of tax, social insurance, pension, and statutory deductions.
  2. We calculate notional pay and Benefit In Kind (BIK).
  3. We keep you informed of any budget changes, compliance or Revenue requirements.
  4. Our experienced team can handle cross-jurisdiction payrolls.

Why Grant Thornton

Our outsourced payroll processing and payroll management team becomes your dedicated payroll department whose primary objective is processing your payroll in the most cost-effective and compliant manner. Talk to us about outsourced payroll processing and payroll management, and take the first step to removing this non-core part of your business from your monthly activity.