Electronic discovery has become the norm in Irish legal cases. Grant Thornton’s skills, experience and technology can give you an edge in litigation, from small cases to the very largest.

Grant Thornton are the leading provider of e-discovery services in the country and have been for years. Our incident response team managed the electronic discovery in the largest e-discovery in Irish history. We have provided end-to-end technical e-discovery services in dozens of proceedings, in Ireland and abroad.

No other firm in Ireland matches our experience. Our expertise covers the entire breadth of e-discovery services, from helping clients to identify and preserve evidence, to collecting and processing it for review, to providing and supporting review services and finally producing it to the other side.

Our services do not stop there. We have unmatched skills in analysing our opponents productions, identifying errors and missing material. We routinely provide expert witness testimony, reinforcing our own work and exposing the problems with our opponents’.

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Why Grant Thornton?

Our experience - We routinely support proceedings with tens of millions of documents and successfully collect and process documents from everything from USB sticks to cloud platforms, from smartphones to server arrays. There are few kinds of computers or other electronic devices from which we have not extracted data at some stage or another.

Our resources - We maintain multiple licences for our first-line Relativity and Nuix e-discovery platforms and we can support a wide range of other discovery platforms. We can collect evidence from dozens of computers in a single day and have our servers to process the data and deliver it for review more quickly than any of our competitors. In a recent case we successfully supported over 100 reviewers in 6 different countries, in three continents, while they reviewed over 2.5 million keyword-responsive documents in three languages.

Our processes - Most of our e-discovery team are qualified and experienced IT forensics practitioners, as well as being e-discovery specialists. Most have advanced degrees in digital forensics or other technical disciplines. All have been trained in criminal evidence procedure and we maintain strict, police-standard evidence handling processes. We have never had a piece of evidence successfully queried in court.

Our persistence - We have supported e-discoveries in Ireland for the last 7 years. Unlike some of our competitors, it is not a sideline activity but instead is a core business for us. We maintain a dedicated team supporting e-discovery processes in Ireland and abroad, every single day. We spend tens of thousands of euros every year maintaining and upgrading our systems to make sure our clients have the latest technology available to them. Our systems are now fully configured to support the latest Technology Assisted Review techniques.