Subsidiaries of multinational groups have various challenges in complying with the most appropriate and recent accounting standards and legislation.

As new business transactions are entered into these may also give rise to complex accounting questions.

Keeping on top of these compliance requirements can be a logistical nightmare for groups and having the requirements and capacity to deal with the accounting knowledge of various business transactions can be problematic.

Our Accounting Advisory Services

Our Accounting Advisory offering involves providing practical solutions to complex accounting issues across three broad areas:

  • Technical accounting advice on new transactions such as IPO and carve out accounting assistance or purchase price allocation accounting;
  • Conversion and implementation of new accounting standards such as conversions from local GAAP to IFRS or implementation of new accounting standards such as the new revenue recognition, leases and financial instruments standards under both IFRS and US GAAP;
  • Complex accounting solutions in the form of accounting proposition papers across areas such as business combinations, share options and complex financial instruments, complex consolidation work or group structure simplification advice.

Each service offering can be a distinct service to a client or in certain situations, where the necessary safeguards are in place, our team can offer both to the same client.


Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton's Accounting Advisory team is based in our Centre of Excellence in Dublin and takes the headache out of technical compliance with accounting standards and legislation for clients.

As will all services offered by the Grant Thornton Centre of Excellence, this is coordinated and managed through a single point of contact. This single point of contact is supprted by a dedicated team with expertise in complex accounting issues and International GAAP knowledge which enables a seamless accounting advisory service for our multinational clients.

Fergus Condon
Partner – Head of Advisory
Fergus Condon