Strategy development and implementation through effective strategic plans is crucial to the success of any company. It creates clarity of focus, enables organisations to make better choices and is the foundation on which long-term, sustainable success and growth can be built.

At Grant Thornton, we believe that strategy should be greater than vision, goals, priorities and plans. It is the result of choices senior leaders make, on where to play and how to win, to maximise long term value. Good strategy should move an organisation towards a goal or vision, acknowledge the challenges they face and provide an approach to overcoming them. Getting your strategy right is essential, and realising the actual impact of your strategy is non-negotiable. It is how you win.

We believe that strategy is fundamentally linked to the DNA of a company and should align to the behaviours within the business. Our bespoke service starts with inward examination of the business to facilitate the development and delivery of effective strategies to meet the core needs of the organisation. Our novel approach blends our local knowledge, sectoral experience and global perspective to devise innovative and tangible ideas to support clients reach their long term vision for the future.

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