Sound economic analysis is at the core of successful government policy and business decision making. This can range from economic impact and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) to national or local government growth planning.

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Strategy Development

We work together with international, national and local public bodies and agencies to develop economic strategies and policies. We analyse and model data trends, consult widely and develop strategic insights that achieve specific goals.

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Business Consulting

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Cost Benefit/Economic Impact Analysis

When considering whether to spend public sector funds, a range of factors are evaluated in advance. These include the likely up-front capital and recurring costs, as well as the various positive economic and societal impacts on potential beneficiaries.  Our team has extensive and wide-ranging experience in undertaking CBA, Economic Appraisals and Business Cases for both capital and revenue projects across the island of Ireland.

Our economic impact work is used to support planning applications for capital investments influencing policy and external communications. 


Do you know the value and impact of your activities? Formal evaluation ensures that money is being spent efficiently and effectively and provides evidence of the direct and indirect impacts of public spending.  Our team has undertaken evaluations and reviews of policies, programmes and projects across the world and can assist you in this process.

Policy and Market Analysis

Knowing how you compare against others or what your future challenges and opportunities will be is a key part of our work.  This could be market sizing, competitiveness benchmarking, sector reviews or modelling future scenarios. Our team has access to a vast array of key data sources to support evidence building.

International Trade and Development

Our International Trade Advisory team provide consultancy services to businesses engaged in importing and exporting goods internationally. We work closely with our clients to provide pragmatic support as they identify opportunities for growth, access new markets and expand their global reach. We provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their customs compliance obligations and provide strategic support to mitigate potential risks to the smooth operation of their cross-border supply chains.

Why Grant Thornton

Our all-island Economics Advisory team combines expertise in economics and business with a wealth of experience across the public and private sectors. We approach each project and assignment with a tailored, dynamic and commercially focused offer. Our service model is based on the close relationships we build with clients and leveraging the scale and resources of Grant Thornton nationally and internationally to deliver the solutions they require.

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