Padraig Ryan Associate Director - Business Consulting Dublin, City Quay +353 (0)1 500 8122


Padraig joined Grant Thornton in 2016 having recently graduated with an MBA from Trinity College Dublin. Padraig is very analytical and process driven in his work as a project manager. He has acquired substantial experience in analysing and developing improved processes through operational excellence within organisations looking to transform their businesses. His experience as a project manager has led him to be involved in projects where he has successfully supported senior executive teams in strategic issues. His success has been accomplished through his ability to quickly understand client’s objectives and concerns, while combining these with the wider external strategic context at hand.

Sector experience

  • Padraig spent five years working for a multinational food and beverage company before joining Grant Thornton. Prior to this Padraig spent 4 years implementing strategic projects at a primary healthcare facility;
  • he has worked across various functions of the HSE in process improvement and change management; and
  • he has also assisted a major utilities company in mapping and streamlining their stakeholder engagement processes.
  • a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
  • a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Development (M.Sc.) from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)