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Grant Thornton Retail Excellence Retail Productivity Review Q2 2020

Damian Gleeson Damian Gleeson

The Grant Thornton Retail Excellence Retail Productivity Review provides the most in-depth retail industry and sectoral analysis available today. The Review monitors overall industry performance and sectoral performance. The Review aggregates and analyses data from over 4,500 retail stores in Ireland. Retail Excellence collated data through on-line survey. GfK collated data through “plug-in” to retailer Epos.

The results of the REI Productivity Review Survey for the first 2 quarters of 2020 indicate the full effect that COVID- 19 has had on retail sales. With the temporary closure of many high street retailers, due to public health advice, sales in a number of sectors have taken a significant hit. Not surprisingly there was a significant move to online sales during the shutdown and this will likely accelerate and cement the continuing move in this direction.