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Grant Thornton Financial Counselling

Grant Thornton Financial Counselling (GTFC)

Grant Thornton Financial Counselling Limited (GTFC) is the personal and corporate financial planning arm of Grant Thornton in Ireland and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as an authorised adviser.

Corporate pensions

The ever changing pension landscape means that both employers and trustees of corporate pension schemes face many on-going challenges. These include:

  • ensuring that the scheme and its design accurately reflects the company’s employee benefits strategy;
  • maximising value in the pension scheme arrangement under the ever present pressure to control/reduce costs;
  • ensuring good and proper governance of their pension schemes in line with current legislation;
  • maximising the potential for retirement savings to attract and retain key employees, particularly at senior level;
  • ensuring optimum communication/education to scheme members to maximise their value from the scheme; and
  • ensuring that the scheme investment policy is current, reflects current market best practice and is relevant to scheme members.

We offer a “fit for purpose” review which scrutinises and reports on all aspects of your corporate pension scheme. In the same report, a detailed action plan is proposed to
ensure, if implemented, that your scheme will be fully compliant and aligned to your company objectives and therefore, “fit for purpose”.

Find out more about our Grant Thornton Financial Counselling (GTFC) services. [ 339 kb ]

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