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Data Protection

Grant Thornton as your EU GDPR representative

Are you a non EU based company offering goods or services in EU but don’t have an establishment in the EU? If so, you need an EU GDPR representative and Grant Thornton can help with a cost effective solution.

What is an EU representative?

An EU representative acts as a point of contact for EU individuals and local data protection authorities. The purpose of appointing the EU representative is to ensure any EU data subjects (customers, employees, etc.) will be able to contact your organisation in order to exercise their GDPR Data Protection rights as well as to enable the EU data protection authorities an access method to you. 

What value will be added to your organisation by appointing an EU GDPR representative?

• compliance with the Article 27 of the GDPR;
• EU business operations enablement;
• avoidance of fines and negative reputation for non-compliance which may lead to losing customers;
• enhanced customer and partner trust – your company will demonstrate sound data protection practice; and
• access to optional industry leading data protection services at preferential rates based in Ireland.

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