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PAYE Modernisation: What it means for the employer

Sasha Kerins Sasha Kerins

From 1 January 2019, Revenue will go live with their new PAYE regime for employers, agents and payroll providers. Payroll information will be reported to Revenue on a REAL TIME basis.

What does this mean?

  • going forward there will be no more ‘P’ forms: P30, P60, etc;
  • updates to employee tax credits/bands will be completed with each payroll run; and
  • you will upload all payroll information to Revenue via ROS on a ‘live’ basis giving details of employees’ wages and tax deducted.

Do I have to do anything now to prepare for the new Revenue system?

Employers, agents and payroll providers will need to review their business processes and practices so they meet the new requirements, this includes making sure your payroll software is compatible.

In preparation for PAYE modernisation, Revenue is asking employers, agents and payroll providers to submit a list of employees to Revenue through Revenue’s Online System (ROS). This will ensure that both Revenue and employer records are aligned and employers are receiving the most up to date employee information to calculate their deductions. This is due to Revenue on or before 31 October 2018.

The list will comprise of PPS numbers for all employees. The up to date PPS numbers for all employees can be viewed by checking the most recent P2C issued by Revenue.