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Financial Services Advisory

Helping banks deal with excess demand

By letting customers know they are valued at a time of need, banks can retain customer loyalty and trust as they look beyond this current crisis. With such a large proportion of customers affected, we understand that our clients must also consider the treatment of customers in specific vulnerable circumstances and ensure adequate support is in place to meet their needs. This is a particular challenge given incoming volumes.

Your business must be ready for excess demand on call centres, quality control and general customer facing operations to ensure the efficient processing of customer requirements.

At Grant Thornton we pride ourselves on our integrity, credibility, experience and reputation for client and customer focused delivery. We are here to assist you and your customers during this difficult time. Grant Thornton’s teams are continuously working to provide support to our banking clients. Our professionals all meet the requirements of the Minimum Competency Code (MCC) as set out by the Central Bank Of Ireland. In response to the rapidly changing retail banking environment, we support our financial services clients in putting their customers’ needs first.

Grant Thornton are currently working with our banking clients with resources deployed across call centres, operations and quality control. We are partnering with internal bank resources, supporting and enhancing their capabilities and providing additional coverage where needed. Our reliable and skilled teams are contributing to the efficient and successful processing of customer requests in a time of uncertainty for both our clients and their customers. Covid-19 is likely to increase the numbers of customers in vulnerable circumstances. We can support you in the identification of this proportion of your customers and ensure structures and training are in place to ensure staff are prepared to deal with these vulnerable customers fairly and with sensitivity.

Get in touch to find out how our experience can help you stay resilient and ensure your customers most in need are treated fairly in the face of this unprecedented threat.