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Global Mobility Services

Jillian O'Sullivan Jillian O'Sullivan

Moving people around the world presents serious challenges for companies operating in a global environment. Regulations covering tax and social security vary across the world, which means that all international mobile employees and their employers need to meet very specific and complex tax and social security rules.

With these ever-changing global tax regulations, an effective, compliant and cost-efficiently managed international mobility program is a critical component of successful talent management and business operations.

At Grant Thornton we have the global scale and extensive technical experience to take on the most complex and specialist work, while remaining flexible and responsive to meet your everyday needs.

We offer a wide range of services to support both companies and individuals.

For the organisation:

  • strategic assignment planning and structuring;
  • assignment policy development and review;
  • coordination of global compliance and advisory services;
  • providing technology solutions to manage the mobility process;
  • review of compensation items to determine Irish tax treatment;
  • shadow payroll services;
  • short term business traveller and commuter assignment review; and
  • social security planning and compliance services.

For your people:

  • arrival and departure briefings and compliance;
  • tax return preparation and consultancy services;
  • tax equalisation and protection reconciliation; and
  • knowledge of the overall impact of the assignment on personal tax affairs.

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