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Financial Reporting for Investment Funds in a global reporting environment

In the ever-changing financial world, uncertain events and investment complexity pose constant challenges to the key players in the asset management industry. More than ever, key players in the asset management industry such as investment managers, regulators, investors, and other key stakeholders demand greater transparency in financial reporting as the global economy continues to navigate on the impact of uncertain events. 

A pandemic, such as Covid-19 has triggered new challenges and heightened risks that have disrupted work in business and operational areas like financial reporting, compliance and monthly close processes as the work-from-home trend continues.  In this regime of ‘new normal’, the rapid transition to remote working in the business-as-usual environment posed a greater demand for enhanced business continuity plans to sustain and balance coordination among relevant counterparties and ensure seamless delivery across functions.

At Grant Thornton Ireland, the Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS) department hosts our Centre of Excellence (CoE) which offers a unique framework for delivering an entire suite of global finance, compliance and reporting solutions. Our Centre of Excellence boasts a dedicated team of financial reporting experts centralising all your financial reporting needs in one location and delivers uninterrupted services through a single point of contact, regardless of scale or international jurisdiction. Find out how we can help with your financial reporting needs in our detailed brochure attached.