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Effective boards in not-for-profit organisations

Jillian O'Sullivan Jillian O'Sullivan

How much does an effective, well-informed board contribute to the overall success of your organisation’s performance?

Directors, by virtue of their function, carry a heavy burden of duties, obligations and responsibilities in the management of their organisations. The ever increasing influence of law and regulation in that process, some directly impacting on the manner in which they carry out their duties, makes it essential that they equip themselves with a clear knowledge of how it affects both them and the organisation they serve.

In practice

In these troubled times, the boards and particularly the non executives need support. They need to be aware of developments in a variety of disciplines. Boards need to ensure they operate efficiently and in an effective and coherent manner.

The solution

Grant Thornton believe that key to the effective running of the board is ensuring that they are kept well informed and up to date on changing rules and regulations impacting on them.

We can provide a tailored Board development programme covering subjects such as:

  • legal responsibilities of being a director;
  • issues facing directors;
  • the corporate governance codes and best practice;
  • activities and practices of an effective board;
  • understanding of financial reporting;
  • strategic thinking for boards; and
  • the role of audit committees.

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