Sparked by cloud adoption and emerging technologies, a new era for Enterprise Applications has arrived.

Business leads are right to be excited by the opportunity; this technology can help drive your business to new heights of customer engagement, data-driven insight and operational performance. But, for all its capabilities, the technology won’t do that on its own. This new era requires business leaders to develop a proactive ERP strategy that fuels growth and improves profitability, while managing risk and cost. There is an ever-growing need for businesses leads to change their business- or function-wide operating models to get the best from the new technology. The implementation can be a catalyst for major transformation – if you plan and scope the project to align with the business strategy and the benefits case – and you address the entire operating model as part of the transformation – addressing front-to-back customer and user journeys, processes and

It’s ironic that right at a time when business can expect to be focused on enhancing customer interaction, user experience, partner engagement – those expectations around cloud applications, and ‘out of the box’ implementations has driven ‘system implementers’ to narrow the scope of what they do. 

That leaves an enormous gap of responsibilities and activities which falls on the business to pick up.

As Business Integrators we are here to deliver a wider organisation transformation. We have deep technology implementation skills and extensive experience which we regularly bring to bear in helping our clients implement with speed and control, often in their multi-vendor multi-supplier landscape. But what sets us apart is our laser-focus on sustainable business outcomes. That means a project that acts to change to the way people work, how people think about their roles and how they engage with you. It means extensive process change that is led by the chosen technology – but is end-to-end, taking account of on and off the system tasks. We help transform the wider HR function delivery models and business capabilities required to sustain long-lasting change. We look at roles, skills and processes. We look at KPIs and data. We are uniquely positioned in the Irish market in this regard.