Approaching modernisation in an ad hoc fashion results in a fragmented approach to enterprise applications and ERP.

Organisations that have not modernised their mindsets and practices to support and manage a hybrid portfolio have little to offer their business stakeholders. Application leaders must decide whether to upgrade existing ERP suites, invest in next-gen ERP solutions or continue with their existing assets. Meanwhile, ERP vendors are heavily investing in next-gen suites designed for greater flexibility, agility and upgradability. These suites offer embedded AI, improved data management, and robust digital business and integration platforms.

You should revisit your enterprise applications landscape if:

  • Your technology is holding you back: Your business has grown, and maybe even acquired other businesses, and the older applications can’t keep pace with your ambition
  • There’s too much complexity: you are operating across multiple erps and struggling with poor process quality, high operating cost and low employee productivity. you have out-dated enterprise applications that don’t interface well to other systems. There’s a lot of manual workaround and reconciliation of data!
  • You’re working around the system rather than with it: staff are having to do a lot of off-the-system processing, just to ‘keep the show on the road’. Everyone is frustrated, and inefficient!
  • You’re flying blind: a lot of your valuable data is living outside the system and in siloes (you are using a lot of excel!). You are flying blind – decision making is based on ‘gut feel’
  • Out of support: your systems are aging and going out of support. You are reliant on some key people to key the system running smoothly!
  • You’re planning to sell: You are considering a business sale and want to maximise value or perhaps there has been a recent merger or acquisition in the business resulting in added complexity of the system landscape and architecture.

During the initial ‘Strategy & Assess’ phase, we would take a business capabilities-led approach to understanding how fit for purpose your current processes, systems and data are, developing your target architecture (including ERP and potentially other best of breed applications), solution shortlist and recommendation, and high-level cost estimates.  Our approach also focuses on developing a compelling business case, the adoption of standard processes and strong executive governance. We will use our existing knowledge of your current systems and processes, such as the level of manual authorisation, to ensure a tailored approach.